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              1. Q:Can I play and store music on the smartwatch?      

                  A: Yes, our watches have the function of playing music. Some smartwatches with high-end 2-in-1 chips have the option of offline music storage.

               2. Q: Can I wear the smartwatch while swimming? Is it waterproof? 

                   A: Yes, our smartwatch has passed the strict waterproof test and reached the IP67 waterproof grade. It can be normally worn and used in daily life and sports. 

              3. Q: How many app notifications can I see on the smartwatch?    

                  A: Our smartwatch can timely receive information notifications from mobile apps, including Wechat, QQ, Whatsapp, Skype, QQ, LINE, Facebook, Twitter, KaoKao Talk and many others as long as the notification feature is on and the Bluetooth is synced property. 

              4. Q: Can I make a call with the smartwatch?  

                  A: Our products are divided into calling and non-calling models. You can make and reject calls through the dialer on the calling watch, and you can even talk through the built-in microphone and speaker. 

              5. Q: Can smartwatches be used for health monitoring? 

                  A: Our smartwatch is equipped with the high-precision chip, which can effectively monitor heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, sleep etc. 

              6. Q: Is the watch compatible with Android and IOS? 

                  A: Our watch is perfectly compatible with Android and IOS, as long as you have the appropriate version of the system. 

              7. Q: How many watch face themes do your smartwatch have?  

                  A: Our watches come with 5-8 exquisite dial themes. There are more dial themes for users to choose on the APP, and users can define the dial. 

              8. Q: Can the company provide OEM and ODM services? 

                  A: Yes, our company has nine years of OEM and ODM service experience, which can meet users' personalized customization requirements.

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